Veronica Blackbourn

Practitioner type: Counsellor, OCCOQ
Education: McGill Counselling Psychology M.A., 2017; Argyle Institute Psychodynamic Training Program (In progress); Canadian Psychoanalytic Society Fellowship program 2017-2018
People I work with: Individuals (adults)
Approach: Painful psychological and emotional symptoms are a form of communication from the psyche and the body. In my work as a counsellor, I seek to understand what a client’s symptoms may be saying in order to best respond to the needs they express. I see counselling as a process of self-exploration, understanding, and acceptance that can open up space to let go of old and repetitive patterns and self-concepts. The context of a warm and supportive counselling relationship makes it possible to uncover a new array of thoughts, feelings and ways of being. In this work I approach my clients, and encourage my clients to approach themselves, with both compassion and curiosity, trusting in their innate ability to change and to grow.
Insurance: no
LGBTQ: totally
Sliding scale: $60-120, geared to gross household income
Accepting clients: September
Estimated email response time: one day
Office location: downtown (de Maisonneuve at Stanley)