The Pride Therapy Network of Montreal

The Pride Therapy Network of Montreal is a collective of independent mental health practitioners who have come together in order to offer culturally informed, accessible, and affirmative services to members of sexual and gender diverse communities. Although our practitioners possess different experiences with and within the communities we serve, we all strive to work from an anti-oppressive, holistic and intersectional approach that affirms the lived experiences, relationships and identities of sexual and gender diverse individuals. Further, we recognize that homophobia and transphobia have serious detrimental effects on mental health and acknowledge the socio-political and historical contexts that undergird structural oppression. We work to counter the discrimination of sexual and gender diverse individuals who have been stigmatized and mistreated in mental health care systems. As such, we offer financially accessible services and strive to accommodate other accessibility requests. We are committed to ongoing training and education with the team and within the greater community. All collective members participate in ongoing training, and through regular group supervision, we support one another by sharing ideas and resources.

If you would like to see one of our mental health practitioners, use our directory to find an available clinician.

How therapy fees work:
The Pride Therapy Network of Montreal is dedicated to providing financially accessible therapy. The Network recognizes that standardized fees for therapy are not accessible for everyone. Therefore all therapists in the network offer both a sliding scale and at least one reduced-fee spot. Reduced fee spots are offered at $40/session.

At this time, all members of the Pride Therapy Network of Montreal determine their sliding scales individually and you can check their profiles for more information. Please note that we are experiencing a higher volume of requests due to the pandemic.

The reduced-fee spots are intended to acknowledge that even the low ends of some sliding scales are not accessible for many people. Therefore, therapists in the network offer a limited number of reduced-fee spots available at a maximum of $40/session.

Each client should consider the following guidelines when deciding if a reduced-fee spot is needed.

First and foremost you should consider yourself for the reduced-fee spot if you cannot afford the sliding scale spots that are offered. This could be because:

  • Your household income is under $30,000 a year, you do not have financial stability, you are repaying debt, and/or
  • You are responsible for the financial support of friends or family, and/or
  • You do not have insurance, and/or
  • You do not have access to family, generational or other kinds of wealth, and/or
  • You face precarity or obstacles that negatively impact your ability to reliably access resources such as housing, jobs, healthcare, transportation, and other necessities of life.

If you think a reduced-fee spot would allow you to  access to therapy, please contact therapists individually, here! Therapists will indicate if they have reduced-fee spots available and if they carry a waitlist on their profiles.